Shocked at her word

 I was so shocked at what she told me during the morning break time.

 We work for the same company and belong to different departments from each other. That means , she is not my direct co-worker but we’ve still been able to have many little talks sometimes.

 She’s so cheerful and smart with a broad knowledge of many subjects, which is why I was interested in her. I was feeling happy whenever I talked with her.

 At the same time, I’ve been feeling that someday she might leave for somewhere else because she’s a talented person.
 In other words, I was prepared to accept the future that she might leave, although it would be a lie if I don’t feel sad with her leaving. It’s important to congratulate her that she graduates this company.

 We don’t have much time left together.  So I want to value the time we have left. She told me that she’s going to quit this job in a month and go her own way after that.

That’s all. May the bright future be with her.



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