A stitch in time saves nine

 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech on TV last September to announce some changes to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, such as shortened hours for shops and earlier closing times at pubs and restaurants, he said, “We must take action now, because a stitch in time saves nine.” And of course, he meant that if the country made some small changes, fewer people would die later on.

  Gas and water companies do the same thing. They regularly search for small problems and fix them before those problems become big ones. Train and bus companies also do the same thing, it’s called “preventive maintenance.” “Prevent” is a verb that means “to stop something before it happens.” There are traffic safely campaigns a few times a year in Japan. Those campaigns try to reduce the number of accidents, prevent them before they happen. The word “preventive” is the adjective. A flu shot is preventive medicine. It may help prevent you from catching influenza, the flu.

A reference:the japan times alpha FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2021

【Word list】 a stitch in time saves nine:今日の一針、明日の九針(時を得た一針は九針を省く)later on:後日、deal with:対処する、shorten:短くする、縮める、fewer:より少数の人、preventive maintenance:予防保全、campaign:運動、adjective:形容詞、flu shot:インフルエンザの予防接種、flu:インフルエンザ

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