AIR -劇場版-

出典:©️VisualArt’s /Key / 東映アニメーション / フロンティアワークス
(Source:©️VisualArt’s /Key / Toei animetion / Frontier works) 


【This is a fleeting love story between men and women, guided by fate and reincarnation. It’s a story in summer. And then, every summer reminds me of this and I appreciate it over and over.】

「AIR -劇場版-」

【AIR -film-】


【“Once upon a time, there was a princess who had wings. The princess was completely alone, without a single friend…”
 In the little town where you could see the ocean and sky, there was a story that has been passed down from generations. It is the sad love story of a princess who had white wings on her back, and a young man who guarded her.】


【Because of her strange appearance, the princess was kept  locked in a mansion, and has not seen the outside world. She heard her mother may be somewhere out there, but it was impossible to go and see her. One day, a young man appeared in front of the princess. The young man told the princess of the outside world, and made her happy. Then, the two of them began to fall in love. However, the princess was under a curse that did not allow her to fall in love…】

 少女 - 神尾観鈴は、一人ぼっちの自分と、物語の姫君を重ね合わせていた。病気がちな観鈴は学校にも行かず、友達もいない。この町から出たこともない。でも、いつか自分にも、姫君と同じような出会いが待っているかもしれない…。
 そんな観鈴の前に、一人の青年 - 国崎住人(くにさき ゆきと)が現れる。彼は人形芸をしながら旅をしている青年だった。彼には、死んだ母親から伝えられた言葉があった。「空にいる少女を救って」

【A young girl named Misuzu Kamio, who was also alone, identified with the story of the princess. As she was prone to illness, Misuzu did not go to school, and did not have any friends. She has also not been outside of her town. But, she has been hoping to find love one day, just like the princess.
  One day, a young man named Yukito Kunizaki appeared in front of Misuzu. He was a travelling puppeteer. He had one word from his mother before she died. “Save the young girl in the sky.”】


【A young man on guard duty, who fell in love with a cursed, winged princess. A young girl who identified with the winged princess.  And the young man who was on a journey to “save the young girl in the sky.” Interlacing the present and past, their thoughts go beyond time. How will each of their love stories end?】


主題歌【Theme song】






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