Compassion by YOSHIKI

In the middle of March in 2020, many media reported that YOSHIKI (who is the leader of X-JAPAN) donated approximately 24 thousand dollars to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels located in Los Angeles, which is a corporation provides meals to senior citizens. (It seems that he especially wanted to support senior citizens get food.)He promoted that now is the time to support each other and to practice “give” (in an expression that goes “give and take”) is important to people who especially faced to serious life problems. 

  We must be moved by his action. He has been doing this kind of donations even up to now when people be in distress. You will see that he does know that losing someone you care a lot about is unbearable and to support others with compassion is very important. 

  He’s surely wealthy and is socially in a way high position, as you know. So, It would be difficult for us to help others like he does, but we will find something when focusing on what we can do. If you find something that can help others who are in distress, you want to do it without hesitation. I mean you should do something to help yourself at first, but you also want to do what you can do for others with compassion even if it’s a little thing.

 今こそがお互いを支え合うべき時では、ギブアンドテイクのテイクではなくギブをする時だと思います。特に、現在のような危機的状況の影響を受けやすい人々への思いやりが必要です。LAに限らず皆さんにギブ アンド テイクの意味をもう一度認識していただければと思います。 By YOSHIKI






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